Our Goals:

Child Rights Education-International is an international distance learning project. It has been created to make the highest levels of knowledge, expertise, and critical thinking available to interested persons, organizations and institutions throughout the world to help them understand and promote the human rights of the child.


This project is intended to produce a comprehensive international program of children’s rights education, through distance learning, which will:

  1. be a primary international system, resource and model for children’s rights education;
  2. support development of competencies necessary to achieve effective and responsible children’s rights research /scholarship, education, advocacy, policies, services, and practices within and across disciplines and nations;
  3. serve as the catalyst and coordinator for public discourse to advance understanding and thinking  on children’s rights issues;
  4. provide organization and management of expandable  and accessible archival holdings on children’s rights history, issues, research, standards, and practices;
  5. provide an international base of information, expertise and education to interface with, complement and serve national efforts  to understand and advance children’s rights; and
  6. make maximum use of  the existing developing  communication technology  of distance and distribution education, including interactive television via satellite and/or telephone link, internet web sites, digitalized video recordings, CD ROM, email, telefax, and radio.

Need: The need for such a program rests on the following supports:

  • It is widely recognized that the quality of development and life for children is one of the most critical factors influencing future global conditions for humanity.
    • Nearly All the nations of the world (191 of 193) have now formally committed themselves to implement international children’s rights standards (embodied in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child); standards that respect most of the important developmental needs d potentials of children and which set expectations for genuine advances in the quality of their lives.
    • The responsibilities for achieving the existing, expanding and ascending commitments to standards for children’s rights exceed the present levels of knowledge and practice of the majority of the general population and those specialists whose understanding and action will be essential to living up to these commitments and standards.
    • The presently existing knowledge base and community of children’s rights leadership, strategically combined to use the rapidly developing communication technology, can provide the resources necessary to organize an effective program of international children’s rights scholarships and education to support desired children’s rights advances.

Children’s Rights Links CRED-I provides links to a wide variety of organizational resources and informational sources which can be useful in understanding and advancing children’s rights.
Human Rights Watch

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